IRB Apologises!

Paddy O’Brien, the International Rugby Board’s referee manage has publicly apologies to Ireland for the controversial try in Cardiff that saw the points difference awarded to Wales.

Jonathan Kaplan and touch judge Peter Allan failed to see a ballboy hand Matthew Rees a replacement ball which he used in quick lineout to Mike Philips who ran 45m to score.

Under the laws, a quick lineout is not allowed if anyone other than the player taking the throw, or an opponent who has been tackled into touch, has touched the ball. The same ball that was taken out of play has to be used, which did not happen in Cardiff.

Allan was asked by Kaplan whether the correct ball was used and he said yes, awarding Wales a try. In fact the correct ball had been handled by the crowd and the ballboy AND a replacement ball was used.

O’Brien’s apology on behalf of the entire officiating team has been accepted by Ireland.