Irish Rugby is about to change forever

On 11th February 2007, Ireland take on France at Croke Park and photographers will be desperate to capture the moment! Some fans will fully support the move by th GAA to open up Croke Park to other sports, others will be severely unimpressed.

When La Marseillaise rings out around Dublin’s Northside it will signal a new era for national games in Ireland.

Recent concern has been raised when Minister for Sport John O’Donoghue explained there was no “Plan B” if planning permission was not granted for Lansdowne Road.

“It’s the oldest rugby stadium in the world and we’re hoping that we get through the planning process, start construction in 2007 and finish in 2009.”

But the worry will mainly be with those who conceded to allow rugby and soccer into Croke Park on a temporary basis.

One way or the other though the world will surely be a tad surprised to see an 82,000-seater stadium nestling in Ireland’s capital. The GAA should be proud of themselves!