Rugby to return to the Olympics…

From 2016 in Rio do Janeiro, Rugby will no longer be on the list of “discontinued sports”, actually it will only be Sevens but so be it.

Rugby was last played at the 1924 Paris Olympics, when a row erupted after game between France and America. In Stade Colombes about 40,000 French supporters were amazed to see their side beaten by what was considered a week American side 17-3. A couple of French players were floored by suspicious American activities and the booing and hissing continued for the rest of the match. Trouble started on the terraces where “The Star Spangled Banner” was drowned out by booing, an American spectator was knocked out by a walking stick and the police had to escort the Americans from the field at the end of the game!

Fortunately it appears England, Scotland and Wales will amalgamate to form team GB and are not roping in Northern Ireland where athletes can declare for Ireland if they wish.