Rugby World Cup 2007 draw

Pool A
South Africa
Repechage 2

Pool B

Pool C
New Zealand
Repechage 1

Pool D


7 September:
France v Argentina, Stade de France, St Denis, Pool D

8 September:
England v USA, Lens, Pool A
Australia v Japan, Lyon, Pool B
New Zealand v Italy, Marseille, Pool C

9 September:
Ireland v Namibia, Bordeaux, Pool D
Wales v Canada, Nantes, Pool B
South Africa v Samoa, Parc des Princes, Paris, Pool A
Scotland v Repechage 1, St Etienne, Pool C

11 September:
Argentina v Georgia, Lyon, Pool D

12 September:
Italy v Romania, Marseille, Pool C
USA v Repechage 2, Montpellier, Pool A
Japan v Fiji, Toulouse, Pool B

14 September:
England v South Africa, Stade de France, Pool A

15 September:
Ireland v Georgia, Bordeaux, Pool D
Wales v Australia, Cardiff, Pool B
New Zealand v Repechage 1, Lyon, Pool C

16 September:
Fiji v Canada, Cardiff, Pool B
Samoa v Repechage 2, Montpellier, Pool A
France v Namibia, Toulouse, Pool D

18 September:
Scotland v Romania, Edinburgh, Pool C

19 September:
Italy v Repechage 1, Parc des Princes, Pool C

20 September:
Wales v Japan, Cardiff, Pool B

21 September:
France v Ireland, Stade de France, Pool D

22 September:
South Africa v Repechage 2, Lens, Pool A
Argentina v Namibia, Marseille, Pool D
England v Samoa, Nantes, Pool A

23 September:
Scotland v New Zealand, Edinburgh, Pool C
Australia v Fiji, Montpellier, Pool B

25 September:
Canada v Japan, Bordeaux, Pool B
Romania v Repechage 1, Toulouse, Pool C

26 September:
Georgia v Namibia, Lens, Pool D
Samoa v USA, St Etienne, Pool A

28 September:
England v Repechage 2, Parc des Princes, Pool A

29 September:
Australia v Canada, Bordeaux, Pool B
Wales v Fiji, Nantes, Pool B
Scotland v Italy, St Etienne, Pool C
New Zealand v Romania, Toulouse, Pool C

30 September:
France v Georgia, Marseille, Pool D
South Africa v USA, Montpellier, Pool A
Ireland v Argentina, Parc des Princes, Pool D

6 October:
QF1: W Pool B v RU Pool A, Marseille
QF2: W Pool C v RU Pool D, Cardiff

7 October:
QF3: W Pool A v RU Pool B, Marseille
QF4: W Pool D v RU Pool C, Stade de France

13 October:
SF1: W QF1 v W QF2, Stade de France

14 October:
SF2: W QF3 v W QF4, Stade de France

19 October:
3rd place play-off, Parc des Princes

20 October:
Final, Stade de France

*Fixtures, dates and times are subject to late change