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3 Years – what has changed?

Can you believe it’s been over 3 years since our last post!?!? The website kind of fell to the side in the way of other projects and general business, we can’t guarantee to update it all the while even now in a World Cup year, but we’ll try. So much has changed since we last… Read more »

Catching Up!

Hi We’ve been absolutely rubbish at keeping this site updated, we’re really sorry about that but we’ve been crazy busy!!! We did appeal for someone to help, but nobody seemed keen so we’re going to have to play catch up ourselves (please, if you’d like to help leave a comment!). So, with the World Cup… Read more »

We return!

We’ve been gone for quite a long time – we’ve been busy, really busy with lots of other things… So, we do have a list of posts we ought to get up on here, but it’s simply not going to happen – there are too many of them! Instead, we intend to start again, The… Read more »

[Site News] Feed Location 2

This is a post after the feed update mentioned here – if you can see this, all is well!

[Site News] Feed Location

We’re adopting Feedburner for running our feed, so if this is the last post you see in your feed reader – you’ll need to update your feed subscription!